Keksi Labs was founded to help businesses of all sizes to enhance their workflow and systems through modern practises.

We have years of experience in containers, linux servers and configuration management. People behind Keksi have worked in multiple projects and helped launching services which are now being used by thousands of people.


We consult businesses so that they can achieve better performance and easier deployments of their complex software. We understand that launching software is just one part of the picture. Maintaining the software is just as important.

We have done few security audits and love pentesting. We can teach about unit-testing and integration testing as well.


We have at least 3 years of production experience in these technologies.

  • Docker for packaging applications for easier development and distribution.
  • Nginx is just the best web server you can have. It’s so versatile and fast.
  • Redis is awesome KV-store which we like to use especially for caching.
  • Mysql experience for relational databases but we prefer Mariadb instead.
  • WordPress, did you know that this is so much more than just a blogging engine?
  • Consul for service discovery and active monitoring.

This tech is so new but we have managed to try these out with great success:

  • Flynn helps running containerized software in your own clusters.
  • Elasticsearch is much cool way for searching stuff from dynamic datasets.
  • Kubernetes is for the bigger container deployments. It’s quite awesome.

Reach us

Keksi is based in Tampere, Finland but we can travel anywhere.

Contact [email protected] to say Hi.

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